Q7Leader pursues a positive mission to promote collaborative (self) leadership to bring employees to their full potential, here and now, enhanced by analytics.


Q7Leader has a strict privacy policy and guarantees its compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). By accepting the privacy statement of Q7 Leader srl, Avenue Louise 500, 1050 Brussels, ECB number BE0655.761.273, you expressly consent to the recording and processing of personal data that has been consolidated in the MyQ7Leader portal or in the mobile application as part of the agreed activities.

Data processing

The data are processed and stored by and under the responsibility of Q7Leader on secured servers that must be hosted in Europe. It goes without saying that Q7Leader will never misuse these data or use them in any way other than as agreed with the user or customer. No exchange of information can take place without the agreement of the user or the customer. If you have any questions, please contact privacy@q7leader.com.

Rights resulting from the GDPR

As a natural person, you have at any time all the rights that the GDPR grants you: information, access, copying, correction, forgetting, limitation and opposition to processing, data portability (right to determine which information is shared or must be deleted if necessary). To do so, please send an email to privacy@q7leader.com. Q7 Leader can only charge you an administration fee in case of excessive requests.

Specific clause for commercial contacts

In the event that you are a Q7Leader commercial contact, your email address may only be used for the following purposes:

  • Maintaining a database of people willing to participate in surveys and contacting them by e-mail to invite them to participate in surveys under the direction of Q7Leader;
  • The (direct) marketing of the services of Q7Leader or its affiliated companies;

Version: This document was last updated on 16-12–2021 (prior update: 23.05.2019)